Dr. Clifford Brickman

General Psychiatric

  • Grand rounds, Rush-Presbyterian-St.Luke's Medical Center, Department of Psychiatry 10 yrs
  • Grand rounds, University of Illinois Medical School, Department of Psychiatry 10 yrs
  • Psychiatric social work, Lutheran General Hospital, Rehabilitation Center 2 yrs
  • General training, University of Chicago/ Illinois Department of Mental Health 2 yrs

    Family Therapy

  • Carl Whitaker, Muriel Whitaker, family therapy 87-90
  • Practice of family therapy, ongoing
  • Salvador Minuchin, OMNI
  • Biofeedback and Bowen family systems theory
  • Institute for Juvenile Research
  • Gestalt Integrated Family Therapy (G.I.F.T.)
  • National Family Therapy Conferences
  • Family Institute of Northwestern
  • Illinois State Psychiatric Institute, lecture series
  • First National Family Therapist Trainers Conference, IJR
    Initial seminar
  • Frances Scherz of Jewish Family Service, at Read Zone Center, Therapeutic Nursery

    Multiple Family Therapy

  • Founder, Chicago Multi-Family Impact Team
  • MFT presentation, G.I.F.T. Family Sampler
  • Abuse families on-going multiple group, COMFIT, DCFS
  • Alcoholic families beginning multiple group, Lutheran General Hospital

    Group Therapy

  • Substance Abuse intake groups for Vietnam veterans, Westside VAH
  • Association for Humanistic Psychology
  • Illinois Group Psychotherapy Association
  • American Group Psychotherapy Association
  • Alcoholics group treatment, Lutheran General Hospital
  • Young adults group therapy, co-led private
  • Two-year group methods course, University of Chicago, Baruch Levine, major consultant
  • Psychotic preschoolers group treatment, Read Zone Center, Therapeutic Nursery
  • Ex-offenders group, U.S. Probation Parole, DVR, University of Chicago project


  • Facilitator, organizer, Community Action Group on the environment, Lincoln Park, 3 yrs
  • Radio consultant, Help-Radio, Len Jason, Community Psychology, DePaul University
  • Film consultant, Growing Up Young: Teen Sexuality
  • Community board advisor, Glenside Counseling Center
  • Community board chair, Catherine Wright Psychiatric Clinic, IL Masonic Hospital
  • Therapeutic community, Lutheran Gen Hospital
  • Self-help groups: AA, Alanon, Recovery, OA, NA


  • practice, gestaltwork, hypnotic inductions 82-
  • Herbert Spiegel, Hypnotic Induction Profile (HIP), American Association for Clinical Hypnosis, Atlanta, Georgia 89
  • HIP assessments 86-
  • Erika Fromm, Daniel Brown, Advanced Hypnotherapy and Hypnoanalysis, U of Chicago, workshop 85
  • Society for Clinical and Experimental Hypnosis, National Conference 86
  • Psychosomatic Medicine and Hypnosis, 10th International Congress, Toronto, Canada 85
  • Society for Clinical and Experimental Hypnosis
  • Erika Fromm, Hypnotherapy and Hypnoanalysis for Psychotherapists, course, practicum,
    University of Chicago 82; post-course hypnosis studygroup 82-83
  • David Cheek, Medical Aspects of Hypnotherapy, workshop 81

    Post-traumatic-Stress Disorder & Dissociative Disorders

  • Multiple personality disorder, First, Second, Third International Conference on MPD/Dissociative States 84 85 86
  • MPD Studygroup, Bennett Braun, Roberta Sachs, Rush-Pres-St.Luke's Medical Center 85-89
  • 10th International Congress on Hypnosis and Psychosomatic Medicine, Toronto, Canada 85
  • PTSD in individual, group, family treatment, Family Reintegration Consortium 82-86
  • PTSD training, Veterans Administration 82-84
  • Second National Conference on PTSD Treatment 83
  • Sex abuse conference, Chicago College of Osteopathic Medicine 83
  • Treat abuse-neglect, Dept of Children and Family Services, therapist, consultant

    Psychophysiology and Biofeedback

  • Menninger Biofeedback Clinic, Topeka, Kansas, Clinical Biofeedback 85
  • Menninger Biofeedback Clinic, Topeka, Kansas, Brainwave Training 85
  • Norman Cousins, at 10th International Congress on Psychosomatic Medicine and Hypnosis, Toronto, Canada 85
  • Mind and Heart: Interrelationships in Psychiatry and Cardiac Management, Rush-Pres 85
  • Imagery and the Cancer Patient, Stephanie Matthews-Simonton 84
  • Anatomy, Physiology, Pathology, Neurology, Orthopedic examination see resume
  • Behavioral Medicine and Psychiatric Aspects of Medical Care, North Central Regional, Medical Education Center,
    Veterans Administration
  • Medical Sciences, see resume

    Body Psychotherapy
    Psyche & Soma

  • Stanley Keleman of California, Emotional Anatomy 85
  • David Boadella of England, Biosynthesis workshop 85
  • Malcolm and Catherine Brown of Italy, workshops, intensive week, Woodstock; individual, Chicago 84
  • Two-year advanced training program, Allan Richardson, group and individual, 82-84
  • Robert Phillips, Peter Sternberg, Psyche and Body: Integrating Body Therapy Techniques into Verbal Therapy,
    introductory 81, advanced 82
  • Soma
  • Barbara Dunn, Psychological Aspects of Massage, workshop 81
  • One-year course, practicum, Oriental Manipulative Therapy, Midwest Center for Study of Oriental Medicine 80-81
  • Four-year doctorate, one-year clinical internship, see resume
  • Addictions

  • Executive Board, Problems of Alcoholism in Labor and Management (PALM) 86-88
  • Sex Addiction, Cherry Valley Health Center, in Chicago 87
  • Eating Disorders, Medical College of Wisconsin, Milwaukee 85
  • Drug abuse PTSD intake groups, Drug Dependency Treatment Center, Westside VAH 82-84
  • Substance abuse/PTSD treatment with Vietnam veterans, Family Consortium 82-84
  • Alcoholism training, rehabilitation, Lutheran General Hospital

    Vocational Rehabilitation

  • Therapist, Division of Occupational Rehabilitation (DORS) clients
  • Group project, Division Vocational Rehabilitation, University of Chicago, U.S. Courts
  • Employment Counseling, Illinois State Employment Service

    Jungian Analytic Psychology

  • Carl Jung Institute, Evanston, workshops 84 82 81
  • Carl Jung Institute, Kusnacht, Switzerland, coursework 80

    Gestalt Therapy

  • Founding faculty, Gestalt Integrated Family Therapy (GIFT) 83-86
  • Joseph Zinker of Cleveland, GIFT 86
  • Laura Perls, GIFT 85,
  • Co-therapy groups with Jennifer Andrews, clinical director of Gestalt Institute and G.I.F.T. 81-83
  • Practice, gestaltwork on-going
  • Advanced practicum, Jerome White, Illinois Institute Applied Psychology

    Transactional Analysis/Script

  • Workshops, Chicago TA Institute
  • Practice, script analysis
  • Advanced practicum, Jerome White, Illinois Institute Applied Psychology


  • PTSD: system, group, family, with Lorraine Broyls 4 yrs
  • Psychiatric/PTSD: with Cristina Weldt 3 yrs
  • Gestalt: group, family, with Jennifer Andrews 2 yrs
  • DCFS: multi-family, system, family, with Larry Rasmussen 4 yrs
  • Private group, with Mark Oberlander 2 yrs


  • Effectiveness Training Associates, intensive training, nonpower problem-solving, listening,
    teaching effectiveness courses, PET (Parent), HET (Human), TET (Teacher)
  • Minority counseling, University of Chicago and Department of Labor, workshop; followup, counselors group
  • Rogerian counseling, Rockford College, coursework
  • Allan Bloom, Social Work, Rockford College 3 yrs